I graduated in 2004 in Architecture and Urban planning.


The several experiences, having designed and built on several continents, has allowed me to develop a widespread network of professional knowledge (general contractor, suppliers, consultants, professionals), a cross-cultural knowledge of traditional and contemporary construction techniques, and the different expressiveness that every culture requires and transmits, making the richness of sharing grow in me in the multiplicity of visions and sensibilities.


After having founded SLAM architects with Andrea, we carried on testing the passion of "making" architecture and its practical application, growing even more that love and dedication to architecture and design.


The small match light suddenly raises the mass of the shadows, the shirt falling over the chair acquires an impossible volume, our life ... Do you understand? ... Our life presents itself there as something else ... like an excessive event ... Order it must be done very quickly. There is the style successfully. Do not you consider what it is? Let's see: style is the subtle way to transfer the confusion and violence of life on the mental plane of a unity of meaning


H.Helder, Os passos em volta, 1963