I graduated in architecture in 2008 (with honors and recommendation for pubblication), and qualified as architect since 2010. I have been an assistant professor and have been employed for several architecture firm, on a broad range of international projets. Over the years, the experience and the personal attitude to detail and manage the design and construction processes, allowed me to become project architect and/or project manager for the several major projects (Coca Cola EXPO2015 pavilion, Myrhiandhoo Westing Resort 4 stars, Albert Court Development)


In 2017, after a three-year knowing and collaboration, with Sonia we founded

SLAM architects.

the intention of building: react to needs with multiple unknowns; think about a response, rearrange it up to the drawing, discuss it with other people, and finally look at it built. This led me to study architecture and be an architect today.


University, travels, workshops, teaching, daily dedication opened my mind to group work, sharing, debate, discovery, research, art.


I had the opportunity to collaborate with important firms and companies, with people from whom I learned something new every day.